Dr. Seaver featured in The Watch

Check out a new interview with Ridgway, Colorado Naturopathic Doctor Abigail Seaver in The Watch.  Dr. Seaver was featured in the ‘Ask an Expert’ Section.

Here’s an except from the article:

“Each month Watch:Nurture will feature a Q&A with a different specialist from the region who can offer insight into children’s health and development issues. Here, Ridgway-based Naturopathic Doctor Abigail Seaver discusses her approach to children’s wellness.

Q: Why naturopathic vs. traditional Western medicine?

A: I chose to study naturopathic medicine rather than allopathic medicine because naturopathic medicine’s aim is to find the underlying cause of the patient’s symptoms and to use supportive, safe, low-force treatments to enable the body’s own healing mechanisms to correct the problem. For instance, I see many children who have received repeated courses of antibiotics to treat recurrent ear or sinus infections. In many of those cases, I have found that the underlying cause of the recurrent infections is an allergy to a specific food, and when that food is eliminated from the diet and some basic nutritional supplements are prescribed to support the child’s immune system, the infections cease and there is no further need for antibiotics. ”

Read the full article here: Watch Newspapers – ASK AN EXPERT Abigail Seaver Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Ridgway Colorado