Update on Heart Disease

I recently had the privilege of attending a lecture featuring new information about heart disease prevention, detection and treatment from Dr. Bill Blanchette, MD a nationally known integrative cardiologist. 
I learned that conventional risk factors for heart disease includinghigh cholesterol, High-Sensitivity CRP, body mass index and hip circumference are very poor predictors of increased risk.  Women at high risk for heart disease are particulary difficult to identify ahead of time, as our current screening tools are completely ineffective.
Stress testing is also ineffective as it looks for obstruction and most heart attacks occur in vessels without enough obstruction to turn a stress test positive.
The most effective way to predict increased risk for heart attack and stroke appears to be Electron Beam Tomography calcium imaging, essentially looking for calcium build-up in the arteries.  We are fortunate to have one of these machines in Boulder, CO
and I can now order the test for those who are interested.  The radiation exposure during the test is equivalent to a mammogram and the cost is very reasonable.  It is not yet covered by insurance or Medicare.  
For women looking for testing closer to home, I recommend asking for a report of breast arterial calcification when you get your next mammogram.  Surprisingly, this is also predictive of increased risk or heart attack and stroke.
Contact me for more information about testing and natural treatment recommendations from Dr. Blanchette!