Legislative Update

As most of you know, Naturopathic Doctors are now licensed by the state of Colorado thanks to your efforts!
Our next step is to pass our first Sunset Reviewwhich is where the legislature will review our initial licensing law and determine if if should continue or if it is unnecessary and dissolve it.
Ultimately our goal is to have full scope of practice for Colorado NDs.  One way to support this goal is to become a supporting member of our state association (COAND).
Supporting members have full access to our COAND website, receive the newsletter and get discounts on COAND events.
Do you love the care your Naturopathic Doctor provides?
Do you want to ensure Naturopathic Doctors can continue to practice in Colorado?
Do you wish your Naturopathic Doctor had a broader scope of practice? 
If you answered yes to any of these questions, please consider becoming a supporting member by visiting www.coand.org